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Professional locking solutions for the cargo security market

If you are looking for the best and most advanced high-tech security van lock, truck lock or cargo shipment locking system, then Pegasus Integrated Solutions’ new Novo Lock, under patent protection, is your best solution.

Get the 7 Keys for the Optimal Lock


Pegasus Integrated Solutions is combining vast military and field experience with high-end technology and ease of use to develop reliable products that will meet hard operating conditions of everyday use.

We offer you everything from van security to truck security system, and even container locks that helps you sleep well at night, knowing that your precious cargo is safe and sound.
The Pegasus controlled locking systems can be installed in Vans, Trailers, Semi-Trailers, Containers, Warehouses and other highly secured locations.

Our team of specialists also provide you with support in engineering and installation. Pegasus and its unique Novo Lock platform deliver on its promise to achieve the most secure and advanced robust security locks that are easy to operate and maintain, even from a remote location.

Van Door Lock Controller

Our Product

The Pegasus products are versatile and modular, so each of our customers can choose the best product to meet its security needs. We provide

Solution Types

Commercial Van with Pegasus Locking system

Commercial vans locking system and van security

Novo Lock van locks security to offer the best technology has to provide. The system contains locks for each door of your van, a controller for lock control and opening times, a separate lock for each entry and full remote access to each lock, for monitoring cargo or manually overriding.

Truck With Pegasus Lock System

Truck and trailer locking system and truck security system

Novo Lock advanced truck lock offers excellent and robust security for long distances travel for trucks and semi-trailers. Opening each lock can be done via an ID tag, pin code, remote activation or key - all options are available simultaneously or separately, so you can choose the best choice for your needs.
Tail lift electric lock for all tail lifts

Tail lify with Pegasus electronic lock

Tail lift electric lock for all tail lifts

Novo Lock electronic tail lift lock offers maximum security. Only authorized people will be able to activate the tail lift. Opening each lock can be done via an ID tag, pin code or even remote activation - all options are available simultaneously or separately, so you can choose the best choice for your needs.

Container with Pegasus Locking system

Container Lock and GSM door opener

Novo Lock container lock is available for overseas travel; you can secure cargo even across different continents. The system contains an independent locking unit that connects to the container door, the unit is controlled by a separate opening controller and is unlocked using a pin code. The unit can be monitored remotely, so you always know the situation of your delivery and can act, if needed, remotely. The container lock unit can be moved from container to container.


You don’t need to look anywhere else! 

Pegasus and its secure, patent applied, Novo Lock system will secure and protect all your cargo requirements; no matter the distance the cargo has to travel, the conditions it will endure, or the size of the delivery, you are assured that it is safe, and can monitor it at all time. Lock & Load!

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