Pegasus Integrated Solutions LTD

Pegasus Integrated Solutions LTD was founded with critical goals to support and deliver on commercial cargo security, vehicle security and safety solutions. Founded in 2008 by Kobi Megidesh, in response to a market starving for a complete and holistic security solution.

Kobi Megidesh Founder & CEO

Kobi Megidish, Founder & CEO

Kobi holds a BA in economics and Masters in business. With a military background and technological experience working in high-tech companies, he designed and created a unique and complete solution in cargo security, the Novo Lock.

Our Story

Pegasus partner with delivery companies, vehicle importers, food companies, pharma & Cosmetics, and even clothing brands. A few of our partners: FedEx, UPS, DHL, Mercedes Benz, Kimberly Clark, Medison pharma New pharm and others.
We set out to create a world-class lock using advanced security technology and innovation. This is why we created the patent designed Novo Lock.
Pegasus is combining vast military and field experience with high-end technology to develop reliable products that will meet hard operating conditions. Our security products and security locks consist of mechanical locks, electronic locks, RFID locks, truck security system, padlocks, mechanical locks RFID controlled Locks, van deadlocks, GSM door opener remote control, and more.
Pegasus has full range capability from developing to manufacturing, installing and servicing its products. We control the Israeli cargo security market and sell to end-users as well as body manufacturers, trucks and vans importers. By controlling research, development and production, our product is fully customizable and modular, and we can meet customers’ changing security needs.
The people who work in Pegasus have a broad technical background. To perfect and improve our already advanced Novo Lock technology, we collaborate with leading companies in the fields of mechanics, electronics and communications. In addition to manufacturing and designing, Pegasus offers support for the lock, locking mechanism, remote-controlled RFID Locks, and the Novo Lock Security Platform; we have you covered.
The most important thing to Pegasus, is the connection – relations with it’s customers and understanding of their needs, for this reason, we keep close relations with our customers and hear about their needs.
We have developed capabilities that are reflected in a real understanding of customer needs, from which every customer can find the solution that suits them best.
We answer all your cargo security solutions and strive to remain a leader in the vehicle and cargo security market.

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